Cycling with Mucha Product line

A quick guide on cycling your tank.

My setup:

20 gallon tank

A Canister filter for 40g or above

ADA Soil (Amazonia) enough to cover 2 inches and 0.5 inches of powdered ADA Amazonia

Mucha Product Line:

Mucha Live Nitrifying Bacteria (MLNB)

Mucha Water Purifier (MWP)

Mucha Ecological Bacterial Powder (MEDP)

Cycling Procedures:

Put first layer of ADA Amazonia soil (approximate 2 inches) and sprinkle 2 tsp of MEDP onto the soil and top with ADA Amazonia powder (approximately 0.5-1 inch). Sprinkle another 1 tsp of MEDP on the ADA Amazonia powder as well. Add approximately 2-3 tsp of MLNB and 1 tsp of MWP to the soil (make sure do not disturb the soil). Use around 5 tsp of MWP to soak any of the sponge filters/substrate media that you are putting in for at least 10 mins. Add water to the soil carefully. Make sure you don’t disturb the soil. Afterwards allow the soil and bacteria in the water to soak for 6-12 hours if possible before turning on the lights. (I would keep them on for 24/7) until I see algae around 6-8 weeks. Once all the water has filled the tank, remineralize with any GH+ remineralizer product (whether it’s powdered or liquid) Weekly Water change (10-20%) for best results (add 1 tsp of MEDP, 1 tsp of MWP, 1 tsp of MLNB every water change) for at least 8 weeks.



Make sure TDS is <120

Put Plants in that won’t grow to the soil (clouds your view of shrimps) (tie to any type of wood)

6500k 8-10 hours per day