Planaria and Pest snail killer

It’s a plant based extract. Pack of 4 tea bags (use 1 tea bag per week)

1 Tea bag treats up to 15 gallons.

After 1 week, change the water 20-30% and put in new tea bag.

Repeat for 4 weeks to completely rid of pest snails, planaria and worms.

CAN BE used for Quarantine Plants before putting them into the tank.

Please note: NO FISH or SNAILS should be in the tank because it will kill snails and also burn the fish’s GILLS. Please wait 4 weeks after (treatment) before you put your pet fish or snails in the tank afterwards.

Disclaimer: Don’t use the tea bag for tanks less than 10 gallons of water. Only dip the tea bag for 30 mins and do water change when bubbles form.



Plant QT Method

  1. Use RO water in bucket and place a tea bag
  2. Soak the plant for 2-6 hours
  3. Rinse with RO water and can be placed inside the tank.


Planaria and Pest snail killer

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