Immune Booster by Blue Crown (Gold) IB-1
Immune Booster by Blue Crown (Gold) IB-1

AKA Secret Sauce! 

“Gold” (immune booster)


  1. Contains Over 17 Essential Amino Acids, polysaccharides, Minerals, trace minerials, yeast extracts, Nucleic Acid, Detrose and natural plant extracts.
  2. β -(1,3/1,6)-glucan can improve immunity thru the process of improving the function of the macro globulin in the body system. It would also improve the recognition process of the immunoglobin to improve their sensitivity.
  3. Suitable for all Aquatic Life.
  4. Boost Activity level and immunity and decrease their stress.
  5. Improve their metabolism and increasing their appetite
  6. Contains a specialized scent to increase the feeding activity of aquatic life.
  7. Decreases the stress on the aquatic life and increasing their resistance to stress.
  8. Protects the cell membrane within the aquatic life and thus improving their immunity
  9. Greatly improves the condition of the water for the aquatic life.
  10. Contains 17 essential Amino Acids: (Hydrolyzed Amino acid composition)

Asp, Glu、Ser、His、Gly、Thr、Arg、Ala、Tyr、Cys、Val、Met、Phe、Ile、Leu、Lys、Pro。



  • Swirl the bottle before use.
  • Weekly maintenance 1 drop per 10 gallons.
  • Keep refrigerated and will last up to 12 months after opening.

Shipping fee is included

Please Note: Avoid use of solution with Antibiotic and chemicals as it will denaturalize the protein and its effects.


Immune Booster by Blue Crown (Gold) IB-1

  • $28.00

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